Aware of the importance of achieving and maintaining the maximum quality of products and services to consistently serve clients’ needs and guarantee environmental protection in all our activities, TPF GETINSA EUROESTUDIOS has developed, implemented and certified an integrated Environmental Quality and Management System, based on UNE-EN-ISO 9000 and 14000 standards.

This quality system was certified by AENOR, Spain’s national and international standardisation organization.

GETINSA obtained the Company Registration Certificate ER-1172/2000 (371 downloads) in 2000 and it was extended in 2003 according to the new UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 standard. GETINSA obtained the Environmental Management Certificate CGM-01/347 (311 downloads) in 2001 and it was extended also in 2003.

The Environmental Quality and Management System is governed by an environmental and quality approach including the commitment to reaching maximum client satisfaction and minimum environmental impact by continuously improving processes and compliance with quality, legal and other requirements.

GETINSA defines and revises its environmental and quality standards on a regular basis and its staff is fully committed to achieving them.